We have explained some useful tips and tricks on our own a couple of days back. This time, we scoured the internet for you for various tips and tricks, as well as unlockables and different blades you can unlock throughout the game. 

*Spoilers* beyond this point involves content spoilers, so spare yourself if you do not wish to ruin your gaming experience. Unless you absolutely love spoilers.

Youtube user MasterLL seems to grasp Metal Gear Rising very well, having completed Revengeance mode on S rank throughout within a week. Here, he shows how players can gain unlimited BP by using the Customize option exploit, which allows you to purchase powerful weapons, skills and upgrades early in the game.

He has also shows players on how to defeat the last boss without any damage. So if you have not a single nanopaste left with you prior to this boss battle, this video is just the thing for you.

And here are some of the unlockable blades you can obtain in Revengeance. Some require DLC purchases, though.

00:00 – High-Frequency Blade (BP Cost: 0)
Its metallic structure strengthened by an alternating current, this blade resonates such that it weakens the particle bonds of whatever it cuts. Its effectiveness is further boosted in Blade Mode, which consumes energy but enables high-speed attacks. Customized by Doktor to absorb fuel-cell electrolytes from its victims.

00:56 – Stun Blade (BP Cost: 20,000)
Infused with a two-million-volt current, this unique sword is capable of temporarily shutting down the interface to a cyborg’s brain, or to a UG’s optical neuro-AI. It’s also highly effective as a conventional cutting weapon. Has Stun Blade enhancement, increasing chance of stun with every hit.
How to unlock: Collect all data storage items.

02:00 – Armor Breaker (BP Cost: 20,000)
Modeled after the “Kabutowari” swords fo feudal Japan, this blade offers both lethal cutting power and the chance of destroying armor with every hit, making it a great choice against heavier targets, including large UGs. Has Armor Breaker Enhancement, increasing chance of destroying enemy armor with every hit.
How to unlock: Collect all ID chips.

02:43 – High-Frequency Long Sword (BP Cost: 20,000)
A high-frequency blade modeled after “Nodachi”, a style of long, curved sword used by the samurai warriors of feudal Japan.
How to unlock: Finish all VR Missions with ‘1st’ ranking.

04:07 – High-Frequency Wooden Sword (BP Cost: 5000)
A blunt weapon crafted from Honduran mahogany, the wood best suited to high-frequency enhancement. While incapable of cutting through targets, this unbreakable wooden sword’s high-frequency upgrade makes it the ideal choice to subdue cyborgs without killing them.
Special Effect(s):
• Wooden Blade Inhibitor (Attack Power downgrade)
• Effect Enhancement – An upgraded version of Raiden’s cyborg body firmware that retunes and optimizes his use of the High-Frequency Wooden Sword, improving the odds that every hit could knock an enemy unconscious.
How to unlock: Find all Men-in-Boxes.

04:55 – High-Frequency Murasama Blade (BP Cost: 10,000)
A notorious blade passed down through generations of the Rodrigues family. Sam had it modified into a high-frequency blade, enhancing the already astonishing properties of the original metal and giving it an ominous crimson glow. An explosive charge housed in the scabbard enables a lightning-quick draw.
How to unlock: Beat the game on any difficulty.

05:54 – High-Frequency Machete (BP Cost: 5000)
A high-frequency knife modeled after the machetes common to Central and South America. Although it has a slightly shorter reach than a typica high-frequency blade, the HF Machete can be swung more quickly. Plus, it goes great with the Mariachi Uniform…
How to unlock: Collect 10 data storage items.

07:04 – FOX Blade (BP Cost: 200,000)
The high-frequency Blade used by ex-FOXHOUND field agent Frank Jaeger, a.k.a. Gray Fox, after he was outfitted in a cyborg ninja chassis by Dr. Clark. Gray Fox’s soul still echoes through the blade, sometimes enabling it to cut clean through enemies, armor and all.
• FOX Blade Effect Enhancement (BP Cost: 100,000)
An updated version of Raiden’s cyborg body firmware that retunes his use of the Fox Blade based on battle data taken from Gray Fox himself. It improves the odds that every strike could penetrate enemy armor.
How to unlock: Pre-order only

Source: MasterLL’s MGR:R play list


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