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Unlike the 37-minute-long US Nintendo Direct livestream broadcast that was going on simultaneously, Japan’s ND broadcast was a lot shorter, coming in at just under 20 minutes. Although both broadcasts featured a lot of the same info, there were a few pleasant surprises here.

For starters, only in the Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast did gamers get to see Shigeru Miyamoto “cosplaying” as Luigi (pictured above), complete with a vacuum cleaner that’s… probably not the Poltergeist 5000 from Luigi’s Mansion.

The same new game (and DLC) announcements were made here for the most part. Like their American counterparts, Japanese gamers were told that they’d get Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (Mario & Luigi RPG 4: Dream Adventure, as it’s called over there) and Mario Golf: World Tour on the 3DS this summer. Similarly, it was also announced that New Super Luigi U, a major DLC pack for New Super Mario Bros. U for the Wii U, would be arriving on the Japanese Nintendo e-shop around the same period.

mario and luigi rpg 4

mario golf world tour

But what was completely left out of the American broadcast was mention of the upcoming Daigassou! Band Brothers game for the 3DS, which I suppose means that as with the previous version on the DS, it’s quite unlikely that this new Band Brothers would show up in English on Western shores.

band brothers

No concrete information on the new game was given. Instead, Nintendo showed a brief clip of Barbara chewing out (via written dialogue contained within speech bubbles) Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata and the rest of Nintendo for calling 2013 the “Year of the Luigi”. She reminds Iwata that they promised gamers a new version of Band Brothers this year, but have yet to talk about it.

And so tonight, president Iwata shared a tiny tidbit for the upcoming 3DS rhythm game: they are planning to make it backwards compatible with player-created songs – some 9,000 tracks to date – from the older Nintendo DS version. However, as all of the tracks from the previous version have to be re-entered manually – by hand – into the 3DS version, Iwata says that at launch they may only be able to convert a portion of those user-created tracks, but that they will try to include as many as possible.

Following that, Iwata took a moment to speak about the Legend of Zelda MiiVerse community that will be added to the Wii U console, as well as Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for the 3DS – you’ll find the same info on both titles in the English broadcast.

And that’s about it for the Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Before bidding viewers farewell for now, however, president Iwata did mention that next week there will be another Nintendo Direct broadcast for Japan that focuses exclusively on games that will only be released there. So if you own a Japanese 3DS or Wii U, you might want to keep an eye out next week for announcements.

In the meantime, watch the full almost-20-minute broadcast archived below:


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