PlayStation 4 price and release date rumours

Last week, we witnessed a video from Sony revealing that something big will happen on the 20th, and according to the sources of The Wall Street Journal, the Japanese console giant will talk about PlayStation 4. The said event is fast approaching and rumours about the price and release date have been spreading.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, one of the leading newspapers in Japan, Sony’s next-gen console will cost over 40,000 JPY (almost 530 SGD). If this is true, then it would be cheaper compared to the cost of the PlayStation 3, which was initially launched at 50,000 JPY (and 72,000 JPY for the 60GB system).

The newspaper also claims that PlayStation 4 will finally be out in Japan and the USA before 2013 ends. There is no word, however, on a European launch date. Asahi Shimbun also adds that PS4’s controller (currently unnamed), will almost have the same shape as the PlayStation 3’s DualShock 3 with the addition of a touchpad.

IGN is currently waiting for Sony’s comment on the report.

Given that these rumours are true, will you purchase the PlayStation 4 this year?

For now, let’s just hope that every question we have about Sony’s upcoming console will clear up on February 20.

Sources: IGN and Gizmodo


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