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Whatever the winning design is, I just hope that this Rockman Ultrabook thing will actually materialise. Since, you know, the last time fans got to vote on something Rockman/Mega Man (*cough* *cough*Legends3 *cough*), the entire project got cancelled.

Anyway, that shouldn’t be the case here; according to built-to-order PC maker Unitcom (the folks doing all the heavy lifting here), they’ve already acquired the license to make these Rockman Ultrabooks. It’s been green-lit. All machines are go.

Today the official Rockman Unity blog (not to be confused with Capcom Unity) announced a commemorative Rockman Ultrabook production project that will see the blue bomber – or one of his other co-stars in the video games – grace the top cover of a 14.1″, 19mm-slim Intel Ultrabook, running on a 3rd-generation CPU.

The Rockman Ultrabook will weigh 1.67kg, and uses SSD storage for super-fast boot-up speeds.

Although the specs for the laptop are more or less finalised, the top-cover design itself has yet to be – that part is up to you.

The Rockman Ultrabook production project organisers have prepared four designs for the top cover’s artwork, each featuring one of the following characters: Rockman, Roll, Dr. Wily, and Mega Man.

Yes, Mega Man. From the American box art.

rockman ultrabook 02

From now till March 4, fans can vote for the design they want to see used for the actual Rockman Ultrabook itself. You’ll be able to cast your vote once per day.

Aside from the four designs, you can also submit your own ideas on what the ideal Rockman Ultrabook top cover artwork should be, by selecting a fifth option (the one with a giant question mark on it) in the poll. Do note, however, that you’ll need to get your thoughts – character, and design treatment – to the Rockman Ultrabook organisers via written Japanese.

After the first round of polling ends on March 4, there will be two additional rounds, taking place from March 5 to 11, and from March 12 to 18. It is unclear if these second and third rounds will feature designs different from the initial polling period.

In any case, once the final designs have been decided upon, pre-orders for the Rockman Ultrabook in Japan will begin March 29, and stay open all the way till the end of May. The laptops themselves are tentatively scheduled to be delivered to customers at the end of July.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, this is Japan-only. So if you plan on getting one of these babies, you’ll probably need a Japanese shipping address, as well as a whole lot of patience to stomach Windows in moon language (or reinstall Windows altogether).

Still, pretty cool that Rockman Ultrabooks are even happening in the first place.

Which design will you vote for?

Source: [via 4Gamer]


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