Own a Xbox 360 and a Kinect? Finally, you have a legitimate reason to literally scream out loud for help while playing Dead Space 3.

Dead Space 3, which we had reviewed the demo back in January, now offers players the ability to engage the game using their voice, in both the Single and Co-Op with Kinect.


More than forty intuitive voice commands helps you to navigate through the various game levels, interface menus, and activating commonly used actions such as Reload or Switch weapons. Pretty handy, while immersing yourselves with the bone-chilling (literally) moments as the Necromorphs comes running towards you in the dark. Or, when your Xbox 360 controllers’ battery suddenly went dead.

The PDF “cheat sheet” for the voice commands, which is released by Electronic Arts, can be downloaded here, or from the link below.

Sadly, “Auto-aim and shoot all the Necromorphs” does not seems to be included in the voice commands.

Source: majornelson.com


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