summon night 5

The first full-fledged PV for Summon Night 5, from developer Felistella (the folks behind Record of Agarest War: Marriage), has been posted on the Web, courtesy of

This is a JRPG series with a long and proud history behind it. Unfortunately, it’s not a history that I’m personally familiar with, but that hasn’t stopped me from being impressed by the game’s PV.

Sure, it’s yet another PSP JRPG that totally would have benefited from the extra graphical horsepower present on the PS Vita. But even as a PSP title, I find myself digging the game’s fluid animations, visually-interesting characters, and wildly imaginative universe.

See if you don’t agree:

Summon Night 5 for the PSP comes out in Japan May 16, 2013.

Source: Famitsu


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