Are you looking to have a wonderful slashing time, only to be marred by the tough AI in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? We provide some very useful tips and tricks to help you clear your game with a satisfying smirk. 

Before we begin, here’s a Legend on what each letter or symbol represents:
F = Forward
B = Back
L = Light attack (hand)
H = Heavy attack (Feet)
Ls = Light attack (hold)
Hs = heavy attack (hold)

(x) = Optional Input
* = Delay
Air = while airborne

Play the tutorial
Many gamers love to feel they are better than the AIs, until they get beaten the crap out of them. Play the tutorial, even if you are good at action games.

Practice Zandetsu
Test your free cutting skills. You will need it for many of the boss battles. To cut accurately, hold down the right directional stick, and let go of it with  one swift motion; much like flicking a switch. Practice it onto any objects such as cars, trees or boxes.

Combos – learn it, practice it
So you are new to the whole action genre of games, and mash your way through enemies. Our first advice: Don’t. Mash. Keep calm and press the light and heavy attack buttons, and remember which attacks do what. A standard hard-hitting chain combo would be:
L,L,H,L,H*,Hs [Air] L,L,L,H,H

Practice and memorise each special move
F+L = Parry/block 

L*L = sword trip (Hand)
H*HsAir Hike 1 (launcher)

BF+L = Hand Palm
BF+H = Sword Sweep

FF+L = Air Hike 2 (launcher)
FF+H = Sword Stab Dashing

360+H = Breakdance Sword spinning

[During Ninja Run]+H = Slide
[While Slide] + L or H = Sword Slam

(Air) F+H = Dive

Take note that Air Hike 1 is slower than Air Hike 2. Air Hike 1 is available from the start, but requires a lead time and often misses the target as your opponent recovers and shifts to the side. Air Hike 2 requires BP points to purchase. You may replace any Air Hike 1 move with Air Hike 2 in any of your combos.

Purchase your moves early as early as possible
Have you gotten the hang of parrying? Good. To make your battles even easier, purchase as many High Frequency Blade moves as possible with your BP points. Our favourite moves are Air Hike 2 and Slide, as they make the Zandatsu window much more manageable. 

Slide your way out of enemies
If you ever get into a sticky situation with 3 or more grunts, always run away with Ninja Run (Hold R1 when moving) first until you find an opening to use Zandatsu as you slide. Always try to slice horizontally by pressing the Light attack button while activating your Zandatsu.

Always equip repair nanopaste
There are many items you will pick up throughout the game, such as rocket launchers and grenades. The repair nanopaste allows you to heal yourself automatically once equipped, much like rations in the Metal Gear Solid series. Press left or right on the D-pad to go to the items menu.

When in doubt, mash F+L
If you are thinking an enemy is about to attack, mash F+L. Even if you missed, you can be sure that your opponent will get hit if he isn’t attacking.

Dive is homing; abuse it
If you can’t see your opponent, use Dive [(Air) F+H].

Locking-on to your opponents
During boss fights that have other grunts in the battle scene, always have a lock onto the bosses by pressing the back right shoulder button. The icon on the boss will be orange during lock-on status.

And that’s about all we have to share with you guys. Have fun and Cut what you will! 


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