Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods second trailer

With the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods premiere about a month away, the movie’s promotional momentum is going strong.

The anime franchise has recently revealed collaborations with a cup noodle brand and a beverage company in Japan. Now, the second trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods has been streamed by the Japanese movie news website, Cinema Today.

Watch and enjoy the second full trailer below:

The 80-second video features Flow’s version of Cha-La Head Cha-La. The J-rock band will release a Double A-side single, which includes the song HERO ~Kibou no uta~ (HERO ~Song of hope~), on March 20.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is set during the “lost decade” of the manga (after the epic battle with Majin Buu). Bils awakes from his long slumber and is out to challenge Goku on a battle. Will Goku be able to stop the God of Destruction? Can he finally perform the Super Saiyan God transformation?

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods premieres on March 30 in Japan.

If you haven’t seen the first full trailer, watch it below:

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