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The Vividred Operation franchise has branched out to the gaming scene. If you have been enjoying the anime series, I’m sure you’ll love the Vividred Operation experience on your PlayStation 3.

The April issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine has announced that Namco Bandai Games is currently developing the game adaptation of Vividred Operation for the PS3. The game is being produced by Kensuke Tsukanaka, the producer behind the JRPG headed to the west this year, Time and Eternity (TokiTowa). The magazine also reveals that Akane Isshiki, the lead character, will be featured in this adaptation.

vividred operation ps3 game adaptation

The TV anime series premiered last month in Japan. Vividred Operation is set in a futuristic and peaceful era made possible by the creation of the Manifestation Engine, a facility that solved the energy crisis that occurred five years prior to the anime’s present storyline. The main protagonist, Akane Isshiki lives with her sister and grandfather on an island called Isu Oushima. Tides turn as the alien force, Alone, threatens the world. To be able to fight the Alone, Akane receives powers from the Vivid System. Akane, together with her friends Aoi, Himawari and Wakaba, protect the world from the menace of the Alone.

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