Animation Do, the division of Kyoto Animation responsible for K-ON! and Tamako Market has aired a new commercial that may be a preview of a new, manly anime.

Animation Do has a reputation of producing quality anime, and in this thirty-second swimming commercial, the studio strays from its recent puni-moe fare and demonstrates its ability to depict flying water and masculine pecs.

The tag line at the end of the commercial is, “A new challenge!” Also, Animation Do revealed this picture one year ago, along with an announcement that they were working on a hidden project. The tag line in this picture is, “I’ll show you the difference between you and me!”


Do these catchphrases and the time spent indicate an upcoming anime, or even a movie?

Although that hasn’t been officially confirmed, Kyoto Animation has listed the commercial on their website with the simple title “CM Swimming Video”, along with the staff. The storyboard and directing were done by Hiroko Utsumi, and the character designs were done by Futoshi Nishiya, both of whom are regular members of Animation Do.


Source: Yaraon!


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