You may have never heard of the small PC game Yume Nikki, but you’ll soon have the chance to enjoy it in novel or manga form.

Yume Nikki was first developed by the doujin (indie) game developer Kikiyama and released as a free game in 2004. It soon gained a cult following in Japan, as well as overseas after an unofficial English version was released.

The game revolves around Madotsuki, a shut-in who lives in a boring apartment where she does practically nothing during her waking hours. When she falls asleep, however, she has dreams in which she travels across surreal environments and encounters bizarre things, such as floating, disembodied heads.



The novel adaptation is currently titled, “Yume Nikki: Anata no Yume ni Watashi wa Inai” (Dream Diary: I Don’t Exist in Your Dream). The author, Akira, debuted in high school when he simultaneously won five beginning writer awards, and he has written several works including the Kyouran Kazoku Nikki and [email protected] light novel series. The novel will also include illustrations by Ako Arisaka, who is well known for her Vocaloid illustrations.

The manga adaptation will be serialized by the Takeshobo’s online magazine Manga Life Win+. It will feature an original story written by the Vocaloid composer Machigerita, while the art will be drawn by Hitoshi Tomizawa, the artist of the manga Alien Nine.

Furthermore, an image song CD has been announced. Entitled “A Waltz for Yume Nikki”, it will include songs composed by Machigerita and performed by the Vocaloid Aoki Lapis. The CD will be released on April 27 for 1,000 yen and also come in a limited edition package that includes a tapestry.


If you’re hyped about all the upcoming releases, you can get Yume Nikki right now on the PC.

Source: Project Yume Nikki Official Website


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