If you love pizza and Vocaloid, you might want to consider having this iTunes app. 

The whole Domino’s Pizza app interface has been changed with Hatsune Miku’s design and concept in mind. Apart from making your standard pizza deliveries, the app also comes with a social camera function that you can take of Hatsune Miku in various poses. The app also allows you to take pictures with Miku herself.

In addition, the pizza box delivered has an AR camera function that unlocks a live performance. To activate, open the app’s AR function and face the camera onto the pizza box’es cover. This turns the cover into Hatsune Miku’s live venue!

Unfortunately, this app and service is only available within Japan. I do hope that this service will eventually branch out to other countries, including Singapore.

The app [50MB] is now available through iTunes Store.




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