Disgaea D2 looks like it may be the biggest installment in the series yet, with one new character, one old character, and a new feature revealed.

Disgaea D2 is the newest game by Nippon Ichi Software in their Disgaea strategy-RPG series. The game is part of NIS’s celebration of their 20th anniversary, as well as the 10th anniversary of the Disgaea series. The story of Disgaea D2 returns to its roots, featuring the main characters of the very first game. Laharl is back, and he’s taken the role of the Overlord of the Netherworld. However, no one has really noticed, so Laharl, along with his vassals Etna and Flonne, is out to shake up the Netherworld.

Recently revealed by NIS is this new character:


Who is this flamboyant-looking girl? Unfortunately, I have no clue. However, NIS has revealed one piece of information: The girl looks just like Pure Pink, the hero of Celestia’s TV show Angel Squad Pure Seven! What is a TV star from Celestia doing in the Netherworld?

The next character NIS has revealed should be familiar to fans:


This girl is none other than Asagi, the “hero of the next game”, who was first revealed in 2004 and has never actually starred in her own game. Disgaea D2 will be the eighteenth game to include her as an unlockable character.

NIS has also revealed her voice actress, Suzuko Mimori (Sheryl from Milky Holmes, Umi from Love Live). She has mentioned that she is feeling a bit of pressure since Asagi has a history of being voiced by so many different actresses (a total of ten, including Mimori).


Along with these two characters, NIS has revealed the Demon Dojo, a new feature in the Disgaea series. The Demon Dojo provides several ways to make training your characters easier.


You can give characters a discipline to follow so they gain bonus effects. For example, characters can gain higher stat boosts every time they level up, or they can increase their weapon mastery rate, so they can quickly learn new attacks for different weapon types. They can also inprove their charisma, so they can increase their friendship points with other characters.


In addition to the Demon Dojo, the Dark Assembly is making a return. Just like in the past Disgaea games, the Dark Assembly not only lets you create new characters, but it can unlock new content and bonuses.


The Dark Assembly works a lot like in past games. First, you pick a bill, then the Dark Assembly decides whether or not to pass it. Of course, the members of the Dark Assembly are all demons, so they won’t pass your bill. That’s why you have to gently persuade them by bribing them with gifts.


If the bribes don’t work, never fear, just persuade them some more by using brute force.


But what if the Dark Assembly is too strong? Or if you’re too lazy to use brute force? Then you have one more option: cold, hard cash.


Disgaea fans who want to pick up this game won’t have to wait long — Disgaea D2 comes out in Japan on March 20. Those who want to play in English are also in luck — the game is already being localized for North America and Europe.

Source: Dengeki Online




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