Onegai series announcement 2013

The first of the Onegai series may have launched more than a decade ago but the franchise still has something to offer this 2013. A countdown has officially started for “an important announcement” in the Onegai series’ 10th anniversary website.

So what’s the announcement about? Right now, the website isn’t revealing anything at all. The only clue that we have is that the big announcement will be disclosed on March 28.

Onegai series

Here’s a refresher of what both series are about (especially if you’re like me who tends to forget the story of an anime series watched ages ago):

Onegai Teacher centers on a group of friends in high school. After a new teacher arrives at their school, strange things start to happen. The main protagonist is a young man named Kei Kusanagi, who is stricken by a rare disease, which causes him to go into a coma every time he experiences severe emotional distress.

On the other hand, Onegai Twins revolves around Maiku Kamishiro, Karen Onodera, and Miina Miyafuji. The three high school students were drawn to each other by a photograph of their childhood home. However, only a boy and a girl can be seen in this photo—which means that only one of the girls is related to Maiku.

Onegai Teacher originally premiered in 2002, while Onegai Twins started airing in 2003.

Will there be a new anime series? Perhaps a light novel or a game? We’ll find out on the 28th.

Source: バンダイビジュアル「おねがい☆ティーチャー」放送10周年特設ページ


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