With the release of their latest single Mirai no Museum, Perfume managed to outsell AKB48, or have they? 

According to Oricon weekly charts, AKB48’s latest single So long! was released a week earlier, and currently sold 50,403 units. Perfume, on the other hand has sold 68,784 units for Mirai no Museum. While it may seem that Perfume has the lead over AKB48 at first glance, one must take note that this is the second week running for AKB48’s So long! single.

Of course, SMAP’s weekly charts tops it off at 161,681 units for its latest single Mistake! / Battery, released on the same week as Perfume.

While general Japanese pop groups are still unable to best idol groups from Johnny’s Entertainment or lead groups from AKS, Perfume is currently geared towards worldwide audience despite some language barriers, as evidently seen during their World Tour 1st concert tour late last year. 

Source: oricon.jp


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