This is a good year for Ro-Kyu-Bu fans. Not only is the second season of the anime coming this summer, but so is a new PSP game. The game, entitled “Ro-Kyu-Bu! Himitsu no Otoshi Mono” (The Secret Lost Items), is scheduled to be released on June 20.

The story revolves around Subaru Hasegawa, a high school boy who is the coach of an elementary school’s girls’ basketball team. One day, Subaru is walking through town when he meets Takenaka, the girls’ classmate and the captain of the boys’ basketball team. In order to prepare for the tournament coming later that fall, Takenaka suggests going on a training camp with the girls’ team. Subaru thinks this is a good idea, but when the time for the training camp actually comes, he stumbles upon a new mission…

Ro-Kyu-Bu was already adapted into a visual novel for the PSP in 2011, but it seems like this upcoming game will be different. According to the developer, Kadokawa Games, this will be a “Loli Sports Stealth Adventure” game. What kind of genre is that? Maybe these pictures will give some hints.




Source: Dengeki Online



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