SimCity went full circle since its last release 10 years back with The Sims trilogy. Yet with its recent launch, many people aren’t happy about it. Even till now. 

Gamers eager to plop onto their nice comfortable chairs to build their fantastic city were met with the  inability to install the game. Well, some of them. Those that were experiencing no issues with the installation process soon met with server issues, which crashed their game.

Some of these gamers might be guessing “Oh gee, is it because my PC wasn’t good enough for this game?” until a search on EA’s Answer HQ brings up plenty of other users who encountered the same list of problems. Problems such as cities not being saved right before the crash, and then hours later reappearing; inability to log into the servers to access their city – the list goes on.

SimCity was originally a solo player experience, giving gamers the choice to create – or destroy – their perfect city. Unfortunately, this ‘always-online’ option that was supposed to attract players to play a region of up to 16 cities with their friends turn out to be a wreck with this latest server issue fiasco.

Seems like fears on DRM-enabled games are not unfounded, despite the reassurances EA gave in this particular article.

[Update] One disgruntled gamer Recorded Ignorance gave a pretty accurate sentiment on the general opinions of gamers who are looking forward to SimCity.

Up to press time, SGCafe is still encountering such issues with the server. Do watch out for our upcoming review of the latest SimCity. 



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