Anime fans may be familiar with Yousei Teikoku’s Kuusou Mesorogiwi, the opening theme of Mirai Nikki. Now, newcomers and longtime fans alike will be able to witness the Fairy Empire’s newest musical production on 27 March.

For years, Yousei Teikoku has been attracting fans with their combination of heavy metal, orchestral strings, and opera vocals. Their newest album, PAX VESANIA, will inlude songs from Mirai Nikki’s opening single and second inspired album, as well as songs created with their two newest members, lead guitarist Shiren and drummer Gight.


The tracklist for PAX VESANIA is as follows:

  1. 序/Yo (instrumental)
  2. Astral Dogma
  3. Solitude
  4. 狂気沈殿/Kyouki Chinden
  5. ココロサンクチュアリ/Kokoro Sanctuary
  6. 月鏡反魂シネラリウム/Gekkyou Hangon Cinerarium
  7. Siege oder sterben
  8. missing
  9. The creator
  10. Herrscher
  11. 空想メソロギヰ/Kuusou Mesorogiwi
  12. 葬詩/Soushi
  13. 機械/Kikai (cover)

On the same day as the album, Yousei Teikoku will also release a Blu-ray Disc containing a collection of music clips titled “Chronik 1” (Chronik Eins). Later, to celebrate their 15th anniversary, Yousei Teikoku will be on tour in Japan from June 1 to June 16.

Source: Yousei Teikoku Official Website


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