The official website for the Date A Live PS3 game by Compile Hearts and Sting revealed the promotional video that was shown at Anime Contents Expo a couple of weeks ago, and most importantly, a new character that was not in the original novels has been shown!


Her name is Sonogami Rinne, the same Rinne that is in the subtitle of the game, Rinne Utopia. Which suggests straight off that the game will be focusing around her. From the description given, she’s a childhood friend of the protagonist, Itsuka Shidou. Since Date A Live is a story whose premise consists of a guy who ends up dating various Spirits in turn in order to save the world, there seems to be much more to this character than meets the eye, and that it is very likely that you would end up dating her at some point or another.

However, not much more is known about this game, other than being described as a ‘Spirit Conquest Adventure’, which suggests that at least one aspect of the game will involve dating the various Spirits, which can lead up to scenes such as these.




Date A Live: Rinne Utopia also has the same voice actresses for the various Spirits, and has Hanazawa Kana voicing Rinne, and from the promotion video it sounds like she’s going to be hard at work to steal Shido’s heart, as well as the hearts of her fans.

Date A Live: Rinne Utopia is scheduled for a 27 June release for the PS3, with prices of 7140yen for the normal edition, 9240yen for the limited edition and 6300yen for the download edition.


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