Those of you who bought Disgaea D2 last month hopefully enjoy the game’s cast of wacky characters. Now, three more NIS characters have hopped across dimensions to join the egotistical overlord Laharl in Disgaea D2.

Nippon Ichi Software has released the first round of DLC characters for their latest strategy-RPG. Included in this round are the demon hunter Adell, princess Rozalin, and novice angel Lilliel Saotome.

Every NIS fan should be familiar with Adell and Rozalin, the heroes of Disgaea 2 who are also DLC characters in Disgaea 3 and 4. Seeing them coming to Disgaea D2 is no surprise.



On the other hand, Lilliel’s entrance is a lot more remarkable because she just recently debuted in The Guided Fate Paradox, which was released in January.


Just like in previous Disgaea games, each DLC character comes with a silly event, as well as exclusive attacks, evilities, and music that you can buy from the music shop.

But reading about these characters isn’t as exciting as seeing them in action, so here’s a video of them performing their insanely superhuman attacks.

You can download these characters on the PlayStation Network for 300 yen each. If you buy all three for 900 yen, you will also get a bonus theme for your PS3.


NIS will proceed to release a load of downloadable characters, obviously. Those of you who can’t import games or read Japanese are probably green with envy, but there’s no need, because Disgaea D2 will be released in North America and Europe this fall.

Source: Dengeki


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