Many kit builders lament on not having their favourite Mobile Suits getting the Master Grade treatment. Gundam.info (via bandai-hobby.net) teaches you simple methods to modify existing model kits into its Master Grade variants.

Here, the tutorial shows how to make the 1/100 scale Providence Gundam from Gundam SEED series into a ‘Master Grade’ version. By using a Master Grade Sword Impulse Gundam, one can make their own Master Grade version of Providence Gundam.

The tutorial assumes that the kit builders know basic modification skills, and has adequate tools for the job. We list down the tools for the job:

  1. Craft Knife
  2. Sandpaper of various grits (#400 – #1000)
  3. Nipper
  4. Tweezers
  5. 0.15mm scriber/engraving tool
  6. 0.3mm plastic sheet
  7. Tamiya masking tape
  8. Scissors
  9. Plastic cement

And of course, the painting and detailing materials:

  1. Airbrush
  2. Compressor
  3. Surfacer (grit #1000 – grey)
  4. Lacquer paint
  5. Lacquer thinner
  6. Enamel paint (grey/brown)
  7. Enamel thinner
  8. Decals (Gundam Decal Strike Noir)
  9. Mr Mark Setter
  10. Topcoat (flat)

Following the full article presented by gundam.info, we also would like to highlight certain tips and tricks to make your kit looking spiffy.

  • Practice your sanding and scribing skills by clipping off the flat plastic areas of each gate, and sand it accordingly. These can be used as plastic sheets for future modification purposes, such as filling up gaps and holes of various areas. 
  • Your nipper is good for removing all the excess plastic. To make it more presentable, lightly trim off the excess areas with your craft knife and sanding block.
  • Some sink holes do not need putty if they aren’t too deep. Level them by using #400 grit sandpaper via a circular motion. Be sure to do this lightly, as it might cause the surface to be uneven due to over-sanding.

Source: Gundam.info


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