Interested in playing a new series for kids?

For the first time in five years, Capcom is back with a new game developed specifically for children. The game company has recently announced that they would like to start a new series called Geist Crusher.

Geist-Crusher-Geist Gear

The cross-media series is scheduled to have a 3DS game, a manga, an anime series, and a special line of toys from Bandai (called Gaimetal). With a terrific story line, superb fighting gear and special attacks, the 3DS game will instantly remind you of the Mega Man and Monster Hunter series. The Geist Crusher game for Nintendo 3DS will be released in Japan in Winter this year.

And if you fancy watching shounen anime, then you will also love Geist Crusher’s animated series. Thanks to the brilliant Studio Pierrot, gamers and anime lovers all over the world will better appreciate the beautiful world of Geist Crusher. The entire storyline revolves around deep friendship, sorrow and exciting rivalry as each charming character’s personalities unravel before your eyes.

Personally, who wouldn’t want to play another game that requires you to banish evil monsters and go through a lot of levels? I’d love to arm myself with some “Geist gear” like “Flame Fenrir”, and even watch the entire anime series and buy a few Geist Crusher goodies from Bandai.

Source: 4Gamer


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