hatsune miku guitar

We’ve seen cars, motorcycles and bicycles with anime, manga and video game themes, popularly known to us as itasha, itansha and itachari, respectively. But if you’re a musically inclined Hatsune Miku fan, the THE [email protected] Cho MASTER24 booth at the Nico Nico Cho Kaigi has the perfect item for you.

It’s none other than the “ita guitar” inspired by Crypton Future Media’s twin tailed virtual diva.

This made-to-order electric guitar is customized with closely packed sparkling beads and illustrations of Hatsune Miku.

Now, I’m not sure how much you’d be willing to spend on a guitar. However, if you own a high end electric guitar yourself, then 39,000 JPY (491 SGD), wouldn’t be so expensive, would it?

It hasn’t been clarified if this Miku inspired electric guitar will be offered online, but if you’re currently in Japan, you can drop by the Makuhari Messe Convention Center in Chiba  tomorrow and visit the booth.

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Kotaku JAPAN via Japan Otaku Channel


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