Ohmi Railway Corparation, a private railway company operating in Japan’s Shiga prefecture is collaborating with Kyoto Animation in organizing an event to promote the sites featured in Kyoto Animation’s Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai TV anime.

This was announced on Ohmi Railways official website. The event is named as Shiga de Kyomei seyo! Rokechi Meguri (滋賀で共鳴せよ!ロケ地巡り) which can be translated as Resonance in Shiga! Location Tour. Sites highlighted by the event is the building used as reference for the high school the characters goes to and the regional traditional house used as reference for Rikka’s grandparent’s house.

cyuu2 shiga 2

An exhibit is scheduled to be held from April 27th to June 30th at Mt. Hachiman Summit Observatory showcasing locations in Shiga that were used as reference models for the anime. In conjunction with this event, special limited Chuunibyou themed tickets for the bus, train and rope way cable cars are also available. The tickets are limited to 1000 sets only.

Also, starting April 30th, buses servicing the Hino station and Kaigake bus stop will be adorned with Chuunibyou themed decals.

Source : Ohmi Railway CorparationYaraon!


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