Conception II won’t be released until this summer, but Famitsu has already revealed all of the heroines of Spike Chunsoft’s upcoming child-making RPG/dating sim.

Conception II: The Seven Stars’ Guidance and the Blundering Nightmare is the sequel to last year’s Conception, a game with common RPG elements combined with dating sim elements in which you bond with girls, then use a machine to magically create children who can fight monsters. In the sequel, the girls are able to fight, as well.

In our previous article, we introduced the main character (you get to choose his name) and the first girl you meet, Fuuko. Here are the other six heroines you can make children with. Who are you most interested in?

Ellie (CV: Mariya Ise)

Ellie is a bright and cheerful freshman student. Despite her childish appearance, she can read the atmosphere and act mature at the right time. For some reason, it seems that she has known the main character for a long time.

Ellie        Ellie2

Narika (CV: Saori Gotou)

Narika is the class vice-representative who sits next to the main character. She has a shy personality, but she is kind and strong. She seems to lack self-awareness and wears relatively bold outfits.

Narika           Narika2

Feene (CV: Chihiro Ishiguro)

Feene is a diligent and polite senior student. She has a cool, reserved personality, and her fighting power is among the best in the school, but she has a girly side, as well.

Feene      Feene2

Chloe (CV: Satomi Satou)

Chloe is the younger sister of the main character’s classmate, Krosig. Even though she is a student, she also works a teacher, and her grades reflect that. On top of that, she is viewed as a kind of idol among her classmates.

Chloe       Chloe2

Tohri (CV: Mai Kadowaki)

Tohri has been raised in a laboratory ever since she was born. As a result, she lacks common sense and takes people’s words literally. Living in a closed world, she also yearns for the “sky”.


Serina (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi)

Serina looks like a child, but she’s actually a really powerful senior student. She’s a tsundere with a kind personality that she often hides.

Serina       Serina2

In addition to new heroines, Conception II will have new classes of Star Children. Just like in the first game, you will pair up with the heroines to produce Star Children with different classes and skills.

One of the new classes this time is the Shooter, whose attack power and marksmanship makes him/her a reliable addition to your team. There are also gender-exclusive classes, such as the Magical Witch.

ShooterDark Witch

Of course, the battle system has expanded, as well. In this game, you have to fight with the main character, one heroine, and three teams of three Star Children.

One of the new battle mechanics is the Ether Gauge. As you fight, you collect Ether Energy, which raises your Ether level on a scale from 0 to 4. When your Ether level is higher, you will be able attack faster, without waiting so much between turns. In addition, you will be able to activate Over Chain more easily, so you can gain more experience points.


Another new skill is the Seventh Bullet, a powerful attack executed by the main character and a heroine.


Lastly, when one of your allies is in trouble, you can guard them by intercepting an enemy’s attack. This happens randomly, but you have a higher chance of blocking an attack if you have a close bond with your Star Children, so be sure to be a responsible parent and take good care of them.


We still have to wait a while before Conception II is released this summer. If you don’t want to wait to make children (magically), you can get the first Conception on the PSP right now for the low price of 1,890 yen.

Sources: Famitsu, Conception II homepage


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