Acquire’s upcoming RPG is about intense battles and dark, stylish art, which you can get a peek of in the game’s opening movie.

Mind≒0 is the latest PS Vita game from Acquire (Akiba’s Trip) and ZeroDiv (Class of Heroes). The story is centered around several teenagers called “MIND users” who can travel to a parallel world labeled the “Deranged World”. In the Deranged World, they can fight monsters by summoning MINDs, creatures that are manifestations of their, well, minds.

The story may sound a lot like Persona, but Acquire describes the game as a dark, stylish RPG. You can judge for yourself by watching the short, 40-second version of Mind≒0’s opening movie, featuring the song “Bousou Machine, Mind≒0 Ver.”, performed by yucat, the artist who became famous through Twitter and creates gothic, steampunk-inspired music from the darkness of her heart.

In case the movie isn’t stylish enough for you, here are some illustrations of the main characters.

Kei Takanashi


Sana Chikage


Leo Asahina


Here are some battle screenshots, as well. As you can see, sound effects pop up visually like in a comic book. If you’re sold by MIND≒0’s style, you can pick up the game on August 1.

Source: Famitsu


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