Just earlier today, MAGES released a promotional video for the soon-to-be released Steins;Gate game, Steins;Gate Senkei Kōsoku no Phenogram, or better known as Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram. Available on the PS3 and XBOX, the promotional video featured an alpaca wearing a superhero costume; despite this pretty hilarious opening in the video, the game isn’t as happy and comedic as you think.

In two recent gameplay videos release by 5pb, you get to experience an extremely poignant moment between Rintaro Okabe as well as Kurisu Makise when playing as Mayuri Shiina.

In the first scenario, Mayuri tells Okabe that he hasn’t been acting like himself recently after meeting up with him at her grandmother’s grave unexpectedly. Before that, he retorts, saying that Mayuri wasn’t a burden to him at all when she started a small talk and then wanting to bring up the topic of her a liability; in turn causing him stress.


Okabe eventually requests that Mayuri should stop asking him anymore questions, and once the time is right, he promises to tell her what is necessary. Mayuri agrees reluctantly, but in an attempt to lighten the mood, she offers to go get some sweet dango; Okabe agrees after making a joke about Mayuri being a glutton, and the two leaves for the said dessert.

In the second scenario, a more emotional scene compared to the first, Mayuri finds herself gathering enough courage to ask Kurisu about her and Okabe when she realizes that they were both acting strangely, and not just Okabe. Hesitantly, Kurisu explains that no matter what happens, either one of them were going to die because of the warped world line, and because Kurisu herself was destined to die in their current and original timeline, she convinced Okabe to save Mayuri instead; with a smile, she tells Mayuri to accept what is to come. Mayuri however, refuses to accept this as she did not want a world where her friend is fated to die, and she blames herself for being ignorant.


The standard edition’s suggested retail price is 7, 140 yen for both the PS3 and XBOX, but Amazon Japan is listing it at 5, 836 yen at the moment. Both limited editions of Linear Bounded Phenogram for PS3 and XBOX will include Okabe’s cell phone; the suggested retail price is 11, 550 yen, and 9, 445 yen on Amazon Japan’s listing. Both editions will be released on April 25th.


Source: 4gamer


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