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If TAKAHIRO happens to be your favorite EXILE vocalist, then you will soon hear the individual charms of his voice. The EXILE member will release his first solo single entitled Issen Ichibyou this June.

The single’s title track is about a maddening love and was also described as a “forbidden love ballad”. Odake Masato (the lyricist behind EXILE’s Bloom) was the one who wrote the lyrics for Issen Ichibyou. TAKAHIRO himself also offered help in writing the lyrics of the title track.

While waiting for the release of the single, here’s a short version of Issen Ichibyou streamed via Avex’s YouTube Channel:

(Yep, that’s a short PV right there. It’s almost 5 minutes long, though)

TAKAHIRO’s solo single will also include with…, the song currently used for the “050plus” commercial by NTT Communications.

The single will be available in two editions:

Single + DVD

takahiro single cd plus dvd

CD only

takahiro single cd only

Track Information:


  1. Issen Ichibyou
  2. with…
  3. Futsukazuki
  4. Yakusoku no Sora
  5. Issen Ichibyou [Instrumental]
  6. with… [Instrumental]
  7. Futsukazuki [Instrumental]
  8. Yakusoku no Sora [Instrumental]


  1. Issen Ichibyou (music video)
  2. Issen Ichibyou (making of the MV)

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