flumpool will be holding a 5th-year anniversary live in Nippon Budoukan for two consecutive days. The lives will be on October 1 and 2.

This news was announced yesterday, April 17, in NHK Tokyo Hall during the earth day live, “TOKYO FM & JFM present EARTH x HEART LIVE 2013.” The band will be celebrating its 5th year on October 1. The band also stated why they chose Budoukan as the place for the special live. “Right after our debut, we were plunged into a completely environment. We want to stand again in that place where we, for the first time, felt that we had actually achieved or acquired something in the midst of our continuous struggles. Each and every one of the shining moments we had during these past five years, we want to give it all back to everyone in these two lives.”, says the band. Because of that, they decided to hold a live for two consecutive days in Budoukan.

In EARTH x HEART LIVE, flumpool appeared with Mayday, a band from Taiwan. In the final moments of the live, the two bands held a special session together. In this session, flumpool’s vocalist, Yamamura Ryouta, sang in Chinese for one of the songs. Check this article for more information.

flumpool is also going to release a new single (still untitled) this early summer and will their first ever blu-ray, “Special Live 2013 ‘experience’ at YOKOHAMA ARENA” on April 24. More details are to be announced in a few days so keep an eye on them. Here’s a digest for the BD.

source: natalie, flumpool Official Website



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