The rock bands flumpool and Mayday will be performing in Tokyo this month, but fans who live overseas won’t be left out, thanks to the magic of YouTube.

flumpool and Mayday will hold a showdown-style concert as part of EARTHxHEART LIVE at Tokyo’s NHK Hall on April 17. Part of the event will be broadcast live on A-Pop‘s and flumpool‘s YouTube channels, so people across the globe can watch them live.

The Japanese often use the site Nico Nico Douga, which requires an account, to do live broadcasts, so to be able to watch them on YouTube is a rare opportunity. The exact time has yet to be announced, so you should check their YouTube pages again soon.


The event EARTHxHEART LIVE is being held by the radio stations TOKYO FM and JFN38 to celebrate Earth Day. The bands flumpool and Mayday are close friends, so much so that for the foreign version of flumpool’s album “experience”, Mayday’s vocalist Ashin wrote the lyrics to the Chinese version of the song “Akashi”.

flumpool formed in 2007, and their first album “Unreal” became a platinum-seller and won Independent of the Year in the 2010 Billboard Japan Music Awards. The Taiwanese band Mayday has been performing since 1995, when the members were in high school, and has sold over one million copies of their albums.

Fans of either band, as well as anyone else who’s interested, should be sure to watch them live on April 17.


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