flumpool’s guitarist, Sakai Kazuki, has just declared that he has decided to pause his visual activities with the band to – get this – focus on losing weight.

Since their debut, Sakai has tried many different diets but has only suffered from setbacks and has just kept on rebounding. Before he knows it, he already has a “body figure unfit for a rock band”. Because of this, and also in order to really lose weight, he has hardened his resolve and boldly announced his plans. It is stated in the official site that Sakai plans to successfully diet until the end of June and to make a comeback then. Now although Sakai has decided to put a pause in his visual activities, he will still participate in the band’s songwriting, radio show, and will continue blogging.

flumpool is now having a recruitment for a temporary help to fill the gap left by their guitarist. As of now, the requirements are: must look like Sakai Kazuki; must be able to wear stylish clothes for CD jackets; must be used to standing onstage. Fans of flumpool, stay tuned as they look for their temporary guitarist.

“For now, I want him to finally be successful with his dieting and, in a different aspect, become a bigger person. And finally, we four can perform together once again and have a blast on our 5th year since our debut”, comments flumpool vocalist Yamamura Ryouta.

flumpool will be celebrating their 5th-year debut anniversary with a back-to-back Budoukan performance on October 1 and 2.

source: natalie


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