Remember the short preview for Acquire’s dark and stylish RPG that was featured a while back? If you’ve been waiting to see more of that fancy video, as well as more characters from the game, your wait is over.

Mind≒0 is the latest RPG from Acquire and ZeroDiv for the PS Vita. The story is centered around a boy named Kei and his friends, Leo and Sana, who have the power to summon creatures called MINDs. Acquire calls the game a dark, stylish RPG, and they revealed the full, 100-second opening movie to prove it, featuring yucat’s urban rock song “Bousou Machine, Mind≒0 Ver.”

In the movie, there are some unfamiliar faces, whom you can read about below.

Yoichi Ogata (CV: Takehito Koyasu)

A solemn, but reliable adult who works as a detective examining cases involving MINDs. He teams up with Kei and his friends, although his past is a mystery. He scowls most of the time, but he appreciates good jokes.


Shiragiku Kotone (CV: Minori Chihara)

An old-fashioned, introverted girl. She lacks self-confidence and dislikes interacting with other people, although she wants to overcome her shyness. She meets the main characters by chance and discovers the existence of MINDs.

kotone kotone_MIND

Kanade Sakyo (CV: Yuuki Kaji)

A mysterious person who acts as a sort of mentor to Kei and his friends, giving advice, predictions, and vague riddles. He seems to have his own agenda and works alone.

kanade kanade_MIND

Lina Albertine (CV: Iori Nomizu)

A old-fashioned rich girl who dislikes crowds and lives in a western-style house in a suburb, even though she has an unusual interest in common people.


Wait, what about those other characters from the video? Unfortunately, the developers haven’t given info on them yet, but with the game coming on August 1, they still have time to slowly reveal their secrets.

Source: Gematsu, Mind≒0 homepage


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