The TV anime adaptation of  Arakawa Hiromu’s Gin no Saji is to begin airing in July. It will air in Fuji TV’s noitamina time slot.

ginsaji scan

The anime will be directed by Itou Tomohiko (伊藤智彦) with Deai Kotomi (出合小都美) serving as assistant director. Scripting will done by Kishimoto Taku (岸本卓). Nakai Jun (中井準) will be in charge of character designs and as chief animation director. Music will be by Murai Shusei (村井秀清). Production will be done by A-1 Pictures.

Gin no Saji is Arakawa Hiromu’s follow up to her successful manga series Full Metal Alchemist. Set in an agriculture school in Hokkaido, it depicts the daily life of  Yugo Hachiken, a student from Sapporo who had enrolled into the school under the false impression that he will be able to do well because of the easier academic courses.

The manga is currently being serialized in Weekly Shounen Sunday and is currently up to volume 6. The English title of the series is Silver Spoon, translated directly from its Japanese title.

Source : Seiyu FanGin no Saji Anime


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