gyakuten saiban 5

A new trailer for Gyakuten Saiban 5, the latest in Capcom’s popular “turnabout courtoom” adventure game series, has hit the Interwebs today.

On top of running through the game’s main characters, the trailer offers a sneak peek of some of the 2D anime cutscenes you’ll see in the full game (for the first time in the series, the entire game is portrayed mostly with 3D character models instead of 2D sprites), as well as provide a “concrete” example (oh, you’ll see) as to how a new system mechanic, the Kokoro Scope or Heart Scope, may help you retrieve an extra bit of detail in the witness testimonies when you’re cross-examining them.

When a witness is lying in his or testimony, or maybe just genuinely cannot quite remember something very important, Phoenix Wright and his team of hard-hitting, truth-finding attorneys can rely on the Kokoro Scope to zoom in and pick up on emotions the case’s witnesses are feeling as they describe something in their testimonies.

For instance, the trailer depicts an example where a case’s witness is recounting what she experienced at the crime scene – something about concrete debris falling near her.

Through the Kokoro Scope, Wright notices that the witness displays signs of shock when describing that debris was falling. That much is normal. What’s quite unnatural is, when she goes on to describe the manner in which the debris crumbled, by imitating the sound that they made, the witness actually exhibited signs of joy in addition to shock. Why would someone experience joy when describing crumbling debris? Let’s press her on that!

It’s a little bit similar to the new mechanic introduced in Gyakuten Saiban 4 (also known as Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney in the West), where you’re required to pick up on unnatural body gestures in order to catch a witness lying in their testimony. Except this time around you’re looking for emotions – one of four possible types: joy, grief, anger or shock – instead of body language.

Which I’m really quite relieved to learn (assuming the body gesture system doesn’t return in this Gyakuten Saiban 5), for in that game, you were actually required to pick up on – I kid you not – a particular witness sweating while in the middle of of his testimony. I had to use a guide for that part.

pre-order gyakuten saiban 5

Gyakuten Saiban 5 for the 3DS comes out in Japan July 25. Gamers who pre-order the title in stores over there are entitled to a DLC costume pack that includes series protagonist Phoenix Wright’s suit he wore back in the first three games.

An English release for the title has not yet been announced.


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