Yokoyama Rurika from IDOLING!!! will have a solo début,  a first among the group. This was announced by fellow member Itou Yuna during their live “IDOLING!!! Nishi e! Higashi e! Mystery TOURING!!!2013”, much to the surprise of Yokoyama. Yokoyama cried aloud due to sheer happiness. “Because of how Yuna-chan said it, I thought she was going to announce her graduation”, said Yokoyama at a press conference after the live.

Yokoyama has been with IDOLING!!! since the start and has established an image as an idol with a powerful singing voice. Staff from VICTOR ENTERTAINMENT watched the IDOLING!!! live and got charmed by Yokoyama’s excellent singing skill during her solo part. This led to them making her a passionate offer which in turn, led to her debut.

Yokoyama Rurika’s solo works are to start selling sometime this June. Further details are yet to be announced.



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