In case you haven’t been keeping yourself up to date and you’re a big Pokemon fan, here’s the latest news about the upcoming game Pokemon X and Y, which is set to be released worldwide in October 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Just yesterday on TV Tokyo, an update was released on Pokemon Smash!. Fans of the long-running Pokemon series will surely find the resemblance between the new Pokemon (Mewthree, perhaps?) and the well-known iconic Mewtwo; sharing similar body structure as well as color scheme, this newest addition may or may not surpass the psychic prowess of the Mew duo.

If you are not satisfied with just a new Mew-like Pokemon, two additional legendaries – Xerneas and Yveltal, are also set to appear in X and Y. Figured out why they are called Xerneas and Yveltal yet? Here’s a hint: look at the starting letter for their names.

The white, horned Pokemon above on the left is Xerneas, while the red, winged Pokemon on the right is Yveltal. If you own a 3DS and is prepared to add X and Y to your Pokemon collection, be sure to catch them all and not miss out on these three exciting new additions!




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