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Girls just wanna have “fa-hun” (okay, fine – fun). And fashion model cum J-pop artiste Kyary Pamyu Pamyu certainly knows how.

On a recent day-off for the young celebrity (who just turned 20, or the age of adulthood in Japan, this past January), Kyary decided to go hang out with some of her personal friends at Tokyo Disney Sea. Which is not exactly something unusual, you’d think.

But since Kyary’s friends often tell her that she doesn’t make enough of an effort to disguise herself when going out with them, this time around, the group thought it would be fun if they all went to Disney Sea in their high school uniforms – an activity that’s commonly referred to as “Seifuku Disney”, where seifuku is the Japanese word for “school uniform”. The term was coined due to an increasing trend of Japanese youngsters visiting Disney Sea in their high school uniforms.

That’d be the perfect disguise for Kyary, they thought. And sure enough, quite a few members of the public were fooled, according to Kyary on her blog:

“During a recent off-day I went to Disney Sea in my school uniform with some friends! Yay!!!

Even though I’m already twenty years old! It feels like I’ve just got back to two years ago, when I was a JK (joshi kousei, or ‘female high school student’)!

Whenever I go out with my friends they’d get mad and yell at me ‘can’t you disguise yourself further before coming out!’ so this time around we decided to go out in a look that’s pretty difficult to pull off: us in our school uniforms.

When we were at Disney Sea, I overheard quite a few passers-by comment that ‘high school girls nowadays look a lot like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, huh? That one resembles Kyary a lot!’

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“(Referring to the last photo above) Could you tell it’s me?

Some people did come up and talk to me though.

And when they did, it was quite embarassing [to be seen wearing my high school uniform] *laughs*”

Source: Narinari


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