Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, well-known for her psychedelic but rather eccentric fashion choices (and also the song Ponponpon), recently promoted the “Fashionable Invader” style alongside with G.U. Clothing. Inside the bizarre CM set in Los Angeles, the models were donned with flamboyant, volumized hairstyles and long, elf-like ears while wearing clothes from Japan’s G.U..

Starting from as low as 990 yen (as advertised in the CMs below), Japan’s G.U. provides one of the most affordable choices for clothing.

In case you haven’t noticed, both CMs feature Kyary’s upcoming single “Invader Invader”, which fits the surreal invader theme of the CMs. “Invader Invader” as well as two other songs, “Point of View” and “Fashion Monster (Extended Mix)” are also included in the single’s release.



The limited edition of Invader Invader (top), priced at 1800 yen (including tax), features an additional photo book while the regular edition (bottom), priced at 1,200 yen (including tax), only includes the audio CD with no bonuses.  Both are set to be released on 15th May this year.

Below are some of the advertisements provided by G.U., featuring Kyary on the left dressed in the “Fashionable Invader” style:






Source: jpopasia, tokyohive


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