Oni Musha Soul, a browser game for PC and smartphones, is having another collaboration with May’n, with ‘Outrider’, the coupling track of her 7th single ‘Run Real Run’, being used as the new theme song of the game. 

The single also comes with a serial code to obtain the Songstress Commander May’n, with art as shown in the illustration above drawn by Joon-Ho.Jeong. ‘Run Real Run’ releases on 8th May, and the limited edition comes with a music video DVD. The normal edition (cover shown on the left below) retails for 1260yen while the limited edition (cover shown on the right below) retails for 1,890yen.

MaynOniMushaSoul_02     MaynOniMushaSoul_03

May’n had also sung the first theme song for Oni Musha Soul, ‘GET TOUGH’, which is in her third album ‘Heat’. Both songs are also in the promotional videos for Oni Musha Soul, with ‘GET TOUGH’ appearing in the first video, and ‘Outrider’ appearing in the new, second video.


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