In this upcoming, action-packed Jetstream DLC set to be released later today for the XBOX and PS3, we get to play as Samuel Rodriguez, a cyborg, codenamed “Jetstream”, involved with the Desperado PMSC group as well as a nemesis to Raiden in Metal Gear Rising.


The DLC appears to take place in Denver, Colorado (and Sam’s hometown?), where players would be able to explore past locations, learn about Sam’s origins, and perhaps recapping some of Raiden’s events from the core game. Jetstream will also feature around 5 VR Missions; however, there was only a short preview of this in the trailer. Whether or not they are all side-scrolling missions, that is something we have to find out.

In case you have forgotten about the second DLC Bladewolf, fret not, we are here to remind you. Following Jetstream, you will take control of the titular AI bot equipped with a rail gun and even a chainsaw on its back. Oh, not forgetting the spring-loaded HF knives and claws. Any updates on that? Sadly, not yet. But we are sure that it will definitely be as interesting and action-packed as Jetstream, so be sure to look forward to it!

Below is a trailer for Jetstream:

Jetstream and Bladewolf DLC will be priced around $6.99 for both the XBOX and PS3. However release date for the latter has not been confirmed yet.

 Source: famitsu


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