Miyano Mamoru made his first ever appearance on NHK’s music variety show Music Japan this week. Introduced as the Most Popular Ikemen Voice Actor among women, he was there to promote his latest single KanonThe episode aired on the 11th of April also featured guests Yuusuke (遊助), KARA and the telephones.

miyamamo mj 2

In line with Japan’s current recruitment and orientation season, this week’s  episode featured a segment where guests are introduced to methods to liven up parties.

miyamamo mj 3

Hilarity soon ensued when the male guests were asked to try out one of the methods.

miyamamo mj 4

miyamamo mj 5

miyamamo mj 6

miyamamo mj 7

miyamamo mj 8

miyamamo mj 9

miyamamo mj 10

miyamamo mj 11

Miyano Mamoru has provided the voice for numerous popular characters including Suou Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club, Yagami Light from Death Note and Setsuna F. Seie from Kidou Senshi Gundam OO. This season he can be heard in Uta no Prince-sama as Ichinose Tokiya and in the anime Carnival as Yogi (與儀).

Music Japan is currently hosted by Perfume and Yoshida Kazutaka. Narration on the show is done by Mizuki Nana.

Source : Yaraon!Seiyu Fan


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