Namco Bandai Studios Inc. a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Games Inc., announced vie a press release on 11th April 2013 that they will be setting up studios in Singapore and Canada in June of this year. These overseas studios will be named Namco Bandai Studios Singapore Pte. Ltd. and Namco Bandai Studios Vancouver Inc. respectively. The two studios are expected to facilitate in the production of  localized content and the delivery of such contents to users. Both studios will be staffed by personnel from Japan and locally hired employees. The studios are also set to collaborate with the local government and educational institutions to develop future talents.

Namco Bandai Studios Singapore Pte. Ltd. is targeted to be the leading development center for Namco Bandai Studios in Asia. It is tasked to develop localized content for the Asia Pacific market. The studio will be based in the One North district, an area being promoted by the Singapore government to be the center for digital content creation. It will have a starting capital of 1 million Singaporean Dollars.

Namco Bandai Studios Vancouver Inc. have been assigned the task of developing game content for North America and Europe. It will be set up within The Center for Digital Media, a post graduate school supported by 4 universities in the region who are focused on training personnel for digital media. The studio will have a starting capital of 1 million Canadian Dollars.

Hajime Nakatani has been named as president for both studios.

Source : Press Release


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