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Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP (also known as Hyperdimension Neptunia PP in the West) is a lot like Namco Bandai Games’s idol-producing simulator The [email protected] Heck, one of the voice actresses is even in both franchises: Asami Imai, who plays Chihaya Kisaragi in The [email protected], voices Noire in Neptune PP.

That said, there are differences. And I’m not just referring to the setting and characters. There are better differences.

As you’ll see in the following two-and-a-half minutes long clip – the very first promo trailer for the idol-producing sim – game progression in Neptune PP is generally quite similar to The [email protected] games in that at the start of any given in-game week, you schedule one of the following three activities to keep your chosen heroine busy with: Lessons, Promotion, Auditions, of Off. Most of the story progression in both games unfold through Promotional event scenes.

But what’s different about Neptune PP is that in many of these event scenes you are given branching choices that may decide which other events you will unlock and be able to send the heroine you’re producing to.

On top of a different style of story events that play out less like the [email protected] games, and more like past Neptune JRPGs, there is also a Viewer mode that allows you to, er, well, it’s in the video.

You do this while the PS Vita is held sideways, which allows the Vita’s OLED touchscreen to display character models in their entirety. And while you could technically tap your finger on any portion of character model you’ve selected to “view” (nobody’s stopping you), Compile Heart advises a fair amount of user discretion: tapping on places that you shouldn’t go tapping will anger the object of your affection.

Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP for the PS Vita comes out in Japan June 20, 2013.

Apart from the promo video, publisher Compile Heart has also previously posted the opening intro to the game:


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