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Remember how on April Fool’s Day, NIS teased the game Makai Wars coming this summer? Well, it wasn’t a joke — no, the game still isn’t coming out, but there will be a concert featuring NIS’s biggest stars.

Nippon Ichi Software, the developer responsible for the massively popular strategy-RPG series Disgaea, will hold the concert “Makai Wars Live episode1: Asagi’s Counterattack” on July 13 at Yokohama BLITZ. As the name implies, this event is themed around Asagi, the hero of the game Makai Wars.


NIS first revealed a teaser of Makai Wars in the summer of 2004, but it was never released, and Asagi, still waiting for her game, has appeared as an unlockable character in eighteen different games since then (getting a little less patient each time). However, that will all change this summer, when Asagi makes her move and finally secures her own game. How she will do that, we will have to wait and see.

Also, the event will feature some of the best musicians from NIS’s works, such as these:

  • Tenpei Sato (music composer of the entire Disgaea series, plus other games) and his band, MissKiss
  • Yousei Teikoku (performed the opening theme of The Guided Fate Paradox)
  • Maria Kawamura (voice actress of Kururu from Little Princess: Doll Princess of Marl Kingdom 2)
  • Suzuko Mimori (voice actress of Asagi in Disgaea D2)
  • Ultra-Prism (dressed up as Asagi and performed in last year’s Asagi’s National Tour)

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Makai Wars Live episode1: Asagi’s Counterattack is part of NIS’s 20th anniversary celebration. Earlier this year, they released the games The Guided Fate Paradox (KamiPara) and Disgaea D2. With all of the work they have been doing, who knows what NIS will do next?

Asagi has been on a roll, as well. Last year, NIS collaborated with the vocalist of Ultra-Prism, Usagi Tsukimiya, to hold “Asagi’s National Tour” in Okinawa and Fukuoka, and Asagi was voted the most popular female NIS character by readers of Dengeki Online. With a massive fanbase on her side, will Asagi finally get her own game this summer? Asagi fans, keep your hopes up!

Source: Nippon Ichi Software homepage


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