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Yesterday the management behind Japanese electropop act Perfume sent out a press release to Japanese media, informing them that production work on the music video for the group’s latest single, Magic of Love, is finally complete.

This music video, they also said, is going to be one that fans will want to watch out for, as the concept behind the video here is “dance” (as opposed to “acting” in the PV for their previous single, Mirai no Museum), which is one of the main things that the group is renowned for.

Specifically, in the music video for Magic of Love, Perfume has taken on “reverse-motion dancing” (逆再生ダンス), said to be one of the toughest challenges in the world of dance.

If you’re unfamiliar with reverse-motion dance, this basically involves recording a video of the performer doing a choreographed dance that, initially, may not make much sense and may seem to feature a lot of unnatural movements.

But when the recorded video is played back in reverse-motion, the choreography is revealed to be a dance that looks absolutely natural, as if that was the intended dance to begin with.

Typically in such reverse-motion dance videos, you get to see both the original recording and the “reversed” end product.

Outside of a reverse-motion dance segment, other points of visual interest to look out for are the patterns featured on the members’ costumes, which blend into the background and forms a visual trick, and a specific dance scene that was shot from 12 different camera angles and edited together.

“This is one PV that we ourselves personally feel that we’ve really worked very hard on!” the members of Perfume said.

“We challenged ourselves to do a reverse-motion dance, but it was really extremely difficult to do. When we played back the recording in the intended playback direction, we noticed that there were a lot of movements that looked quite bad, and even till the very end of production we were wondering if it would be a better idea to just scrap the thought.

“Ultimately we did not want to give up, so we tried the dance again and again. And thus we were finally able to put together a high-level dance PV that has plenty of highlights worth watching out for. So we hope everyone will watch it!”

Perfume’s 18th single, Magic of Love, hits record stores in Japan May 22, 2013, available in first-print limited editions (CD+DVD), and a regular CD edition.

On the same day, a DVD containing footage recorded at the Perfume World Tour 1st concerts in Asia will also be released.

Magic of Love first-print limited edition (CD+DVD) jacket

Cover Jacket for Perfume Magic of Love limited first print

Magic of Love regular edition CD jacket


Perfume Magic of Love CD jacket

Perfume World Tour 1st DVD jacket

Perfume World Tour 1st DVD jacket

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