Perfume concert 1 (640 X 427)

Perfume, who has just announced a second world tour, will simultaneously release their second single for 2013, Magic Of Love, and Perfume WORLD TOUR 1st DVD (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore) this coming May 22.

Magic Of Love was created for the “Pure Gummy” CM, with its theme of casting the magic of love. It is a song about a girl who daydreams about starting her ideal romance and described as a song that will capture your heart with its catchy tunes and sweet singing voices. The regular version of the single will contain the title track, “Magic Of Love” and a yet untitled coupling track. Those who bought the limited version will receive a special DVD with the music video.

Perfume WORLD TOUR 1st DVD will contain Singapore’s version of the concert and a documentary on the girls’ experiences on their first overseas tour. The lives for the tour were all on all-standing live houses: the type of venues Perfume performed on during their rise to fame.

Aside from the live footage and the documentary, Perfume WORLD TOUR 1st DVD first press edition will contain a replica sticker of the staff pass.

Those who bought either regular or limited version of the single along with the world tour DVD will be able to join a lottery for a special present. More details on the special present will be announced on the official website.


Source: Perfume Official Website



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