Earlier at noon, Perfume’s official site released details on its second world tour. The ladies will be performing in Germany, UK and France come July 2013.

As Amuse probably has learnt that the ladies were visibly tired spreading their first world tour throughout four Asian countries, arrangements has been made for them to perform at these 3 countries within the first week of July 2013. Not to mention that ticket sales were also made available at the point of announcement.

As for every other fan out there, they have a chance to ballot for a chance to purchase General Admission tickets. Sadly, it only applies to the Japanese and World account holders.

Here’s the concert details for the respective countries:

germany uk france

VIP tickets are sold in the same manner as WORLD TOUR 1st, which means the first ticket holder gets to pick their perfect place first.

Perfume’s management probably felt that it was a great idea to have them perform in a region where electropop is widely accepted. They have probably eyed on France, since the country is reputed for being the most Japan-centric country in Europe; just look at the guest lists of the long running Japan Expo. As for Germany, what better country than to perform in the grand-daddy of all electronic music. UK had it covered, especially when Kyary and Utada Hikaru had performed there.

Source: Perfume World Tour website


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