If you are a fan of Batman and have always prayed for a game to be released detailing his early years before becoming the Dark Knight, wait no more, because on October 25th this year, you will be able to experience Batman: Arkham Origins or Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate first-hand on either one of your PC or favorite gaming consoles, be it portable or handheld.

Rocksteady, however, will not be developing Arkham Origins, and instead, Warner Bros. Montreal will take over and pick up where Rocksteady had left off, using their custom Unreal engine as well as assets to keep Arkham Origins’s graphics and universe consistent with all the previous Batman games. Arkham Origins Blackgate will however be handled by Armature Studios instead.

Taking place before both of the existing other Arkham titles, this is where Batman will meet all of his nemesis for the very first time, hopefully revealing certain mysteries clouded around the enigmatic Hush, Scarecrow or even Azrael; something which we may pray to unveil in both Arkham Origins, especially since Blackgate takes place directly after Arkham Origins. (Plenty of chances to answer your questions about them, don’t you think?)



While most of the mechanics would be similar to the older Batman games, there are also several new features present in Arkham Origins, namely: bigger map size (approximately twice as big), Batman’s new toy “remote claw”, quick travel via Batwing (not player controllable, sadly), a non-flooded Amusement Mile in the northern side of the map, and a New Gotham on the southern side.


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As for Blackgate, its features will be similar to Arkham Origins, with certain differences. Have you guessed why it’s called Blackgate yet? Yep, that’s right; it takes place on an isolated island in the Blackgate Penitentiary, where a prison uprising has occurred. To add on to that, there’s also the Batarang to hit distant objects or to stun enemies, a line launcher to cross gaps, and not forgetting the explosive gel variation, where you can use a launcher to shoot at various spots around the screen; all these features allow you to take down enemies while unleashing the creative streak in you, such as dropping a chandelier. Oh, and did I mention that Blackgate will be in 2.5D? It’s basically a 2D game with 3D graphics, but you can still interact with the objects in the background to make use of it, fight, or hide from passing inmates.

Additionally, if you enjoy detective work, Arkham Origins and Blackgate also features plenty of it – to investigate crime scenes, analyze, and find evidences; you can even return back to these crime scenes once more information has been revealed in your gameplay, and an unlockable video will be shown, linking the crimes together.


Here’s something else that’s interesting to note: Black Mask will be the main antagonist in Arkham Origins – the one responsible for orchestrating a manhunt for Batmon amongst the ranks of Gotham’s outlaws. As for Blackgate, that’s something left for us to find out, or perhaps it would be revealed in the next update.

Both titles sound extremely promising, and with E3 2013 just around the corner, we may even get more than just a glimpse of the gameplay.


Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (3DS & Vita) is expected to be priced around $39.99 USD, while Batman: Arkham Origins is expected to be priced at $49.99 USD for the PC and $59.99 USD for the PS3, XBOX, and Wii U. Both Arkham Origins are set to be released on October 25th 2013.


Source: IGN, 4gamer


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