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Azone International, makers of the Hybrid Active Figure line of poseable fashion dolls, have announced a pre-order date for their upcoming 1/3 scale Madoka Kaname release (it’s 48cm tall!), based on her appearance in the pair of Puella Magi Madoka Magica movies that were released in theatres last year.

Collectors eager to add this intricately moulded rendition of the Madoka Magica heroine can begin locking in their pre-orders at the company’s online shopping site, AzoNet, on May 9, 2013, beginning at 10AM Japan time.

That’s approximately ten days away from now, so if you’ve been looking forward to pre-ordering the fashion doll (you will probably need a Japanese shipping address, or that of your proxy shopping service’s), I hope you’ve saved up quite a bit – at 63,000 yen (~US$642.52, ~S$792.64) per piece, the Madoka Kaname fashion doll ain’t very affordable!

As production numbers for the fashion doll are fairly limited, each customer is only allowed to pre-order up to two pieces from the site. Delivery to customers who pre-order will take place sometime around the end of July to early August (depending on how soon you lock in your pre-orders), right around the release of the pair of Madoka Magica movies on Blu-ray.

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Source: Azone International [via Jin115]


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