Kara no Kyoukai 1

In Anime Contents Expo 2013 (ACE2013), Type-Moon released new information regarding the Kara no Kyoukai franchise where the public were allowed to view the promotional videos (PVs) for the 3D adaptation of Fukan Fukei. The first movie of the franchise, and the film adaptation of Mirai Fukuin, the epilogue of the Kara no Kyoukai novels.

Despite the exact release dates of both movies still being unknown, Type-Moon has already announced that Fukan Fukei 3D is likely to screen in this year’s summer whereas Mirai Fukuin will be screened in this year’s autumn along with the venues where the films will be screening at. Type-Moon also sold advance tickets to both films where the tickets were kept and packaged in limited edition sets that were specially designed for ACE2013.

You may catch non-official videos on youtube.

Source: Type-Moon



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